Completely opposite days off!

Such a different day off today to Tuesday. Although we did end up going to a friends for a couple of hours after school, it was very much a do-nothing day. Today we were on the go from 6am, but now we’re home, it’s peaceful! Bubs and I went to a CBCA-sponsored play at our local library (where we normally go for story time on Thursday mornings), which was, hmm, interesting. The kids loved it, the adults kind of looked a bit sideways at it! My favourite bit was when Goldilocks (bloke in drag) said to his friends (school kids picked out of the audience), “Oh, no one is answering our knock. Shall we open the door and go in?” And I’m like, “‘Um, no?!”, much to the amusement of the lady behind me. Ah Goldilocks, trespassing, wilful damage and theft, you’ve got it all. It was a bit odd. But Bubs was enthralled, which quite surprised me, particularly as it was quite long.

We left there and had about half an hour to kill so dropped in to the shops, managing to pick up everything we needed (and he snuck in a 20 minute sleep which has kept him going all day!), then headed to our next engagement, a birthday party. A few other mums from school I’m friends with were there, and it was a very relaxed, pleasant couple of hours. Was lucky we didn’t have wine, is all I can say! We totally didn’t need it!

Picked the kids up and they all had a bit of a play, but came home cos Bubs was buggered (he’s napping now,  which is nice). Busy day!

Yesterday I was a bit tired (stayed up too late doing CBCA reading – good books!) but the day fairly flew by. Got interviewed by a journo from the West Australian for a piece on Bookweek which was interesting too – might be in tomorrow’s paper. Managed to get a word in about a few publishers I know (she asked, honest!) but I don’t really know what focus she’s going to take.

That’s about it – listened to a little of the latest Galactic Suburbia and found yet more podcasts to put in the queue, more TV I want to watch and more darn books to read! Maybe I should stop listening! 🙂

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