Peaceful day

In snippets:

An interesting few days at work and that’s all I’ll say about that (other than I finally got around to creating the new library newsletter for staff and getting it out – pleased with it! Now to just find time to keep doing it).

After the Hugos on Sunday, we had friends from the kids’ school visit for a few hours, which was nice. Noisy though!

I’ve finished Doctor Who and am still feeling at a bit of a loss! Have bought some Classic Who from iTunes, but just haven’t worked up the enthusiasm for that yet. Want to rewatch the final eps from S6 part 1 before it starts up again on the weekend – get myself back into the groove of Matt Smith. Look, you were all RIGHT – David Tennant is pretty good – happy now? #MattSmithisstillmyDoctor But I definitely like Amy (and Rory) better than the other companions. Well, I loved Martha’s brains (but not the way she fell for the Doctor), I LOVED Donna’s passion (but she was a bit annoying), and Rose, well, I never warmed up to her. But ANYway, bawled my eyes out in the final ep of S4, thank you very much.

Baby and me have had a peaceful day at home today – have done a few jobs I’d been procrastinating on, and washing and tidying, which is nice. Went out to the shed with good intentions but realised it just was too big a job to do with bub in tow. Got the rocking horse out for him instead – he loves it 🙂 Off to pick the big kids up from school in a few minutes – hopefully a few others will be around for a play after school.

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