An interesting week

See my iTunes? 🙂

Although one that’s been a bit sleep deprived. I’ve noticed that if I start watching too much tv (or more specifically, tv on my computer – not sure it makes a difference but it’s when I notice it), I stop sleeping well. As in, takes ages to fall asleep, wake up numerous times and permanently much earlier than normal. Last time it happened I was mainlining True Blood. This time it’s Doctor Who. Yep, thanks to the ever increasing pressure from Tansy (not true, she just makes me WANT to watch things. And read things. And listen to things – stop it!), I finally succumbed to New Who. Well, that’s not entirely true either. The final impetus came from the fact that Neil Gaiman wrote an episode. And I couldn’t just watch THAT episode, could I? And even THAT isn’t completely the entire picture, because if I hadn’t come home from the Sydney Aurealis Awards on a lovely new plane that let me watch my own private tv (which happened to have a bunch of S5 DW episodes), it might never have happened! So, a lovely confluence of events led to my overdosing to New Who. I started with S5 with Matt Smith as my doctor, and caught up to the middle of S6 (the second half of the season starts in seven days!), then went back to S1. And now I’m almost done! I finished S4 yesterday (and fine, I also like David Tennant, happy?) and two of the specials, which means I’ve only got three episodes left! Happily, S6 starts up again in a week, and of course, there’s then all these lovely episodes on my computer should I feel the need to revisit. And about a million episodes of Classic Who, should I REALLY get it bad! But really, it’ll be good when I’m done because I CAN’T DO ANYTHING ELSE! Am addicted. Plus, not sleeping. TV is bad for you.

So that’s most of what I’ve been doing this week really! 🙂 I managed a bit of slush reading one night, which was nice because the submissions have ramped up a bit this week. Still over a month til the end of the reading period and I’m over 60 subs and counting. A couple of outright acceptances, a few held stories, a LOT of rejections. Vast majority of the subs so far from international (particularly US) authors. And overwhelmingly dominated by male authors at this stage. Will be interesting to do the stats at the end of this one.

Got a fair bit done at work this week – we had our new praccie come in to meet us (she seems nice – we have her for the last two weeks of term), figured out some solutions to library management system problems that have been plaguing us since we implemented the software, got some actual teaching done, and finished researching the assignment I have to do for accreditation. Still have to write it, but have the research! Wanted to start work on an informative newsletter for staff yesterday but got called to childcare for a sick Miss Five. She’s got high temps and a sore throat and head – was her turn apparently!

Hopefully we’re off to my cousin’s for lunch today (pending doctor visit) – haven’t seen them in AGES so really looking forward to it. Best go get ready now!

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