All things zucchini

A few years ago, I didn’t eat zucchini. I’ve always been a fan of vegies, but zucchini was not one I ate. Then my mum introduced me to this very yummy zucchini slice (which we’ve since modified and adapted and turned into all sorts of yummy muffins and slices, usually vegetarian, and often gluten free, which is handy with the number of my friends who are meat-free and/or gluten intolerant!). So that’s rather nice. But she ALSO introduced me to this tomato and onion dish that’s very simple (slice up onion and tomato, add pepper and worcestershire sauce to tase, microwave for about five minutes, sprinkle with grated cheese, micro for another five minutes, eat). And to that, I added sliced zucchini into the main layers, and it’s simply DIVINE.

For someone who never ate zucchini, I’m now a bit of a fan. Any favourite zucchini recipes out there??

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