Predicting the future

It’s a bad time to try to sell a house – we know this. But it’s still disheartening to spend the morning cleaning to have the people inspecting spend about three minutes in the place. Ah well. I think we’re ready to throw in the towel on selling and decide to hold out til the end of the year, then rent it. I suppose it gives us more options doing that, which is good. Well, more and less options. If we sell, we can buy something else if we choose. If we don’t sell, we could come back if we freeze too much. Who can tell the future? Anyway, we’re starting to work on departing after Christmas. But we’ll see.

Was going to head up to the KSP Spec Fic Awards presentation, but really just can’t be stuffed. Ideally would be happy curled up on the couch either reading one of the books I’ve started or watching a bit more Doctor Who. Am up to Season 4 now – and yes, am completely hooked. I blame Neil Gaiman, for writing an episode that meant I decided to watch the darn show! Instead though, feral children combined with rainy windy weather (precluding the park) force us out – am going to take the little beasts to the indoor pool. Not the baby, he’s not all that well, but the big kids. Baby will not be impressed that he doesn’t get to swim, so I predict it won’t be a very long visit.

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