First kid birthday party in a while today, so that counts, right? 🙂 We’ve had a lovely social couple of non-work days this week. One of the newer mums from the kids’ school came for a cuppa on Tuesday morning, and we gabbled on til midday! She only recently relocated here from Scotland and is just lovely, with lots of interests-in-common, which is always a nice surprise. After she left I did pretty much the work I would normally have taken all day to do in about an hour, which just goes to show how much time I usually waste when home alone! Then it was time to pick the kids up and head north, where I called in at PRK’s and bought from him a lovely new digital camera that he’d won. We were supposed to continue north to a WASLA meeting then, but a lot of the committee had sent messages saying they’d be late, which meant a late start, and I already had feral kids so I regretfully sent my apologies. Instead we stopped in at Helen’s to drop off the insides of her breadmaker, left on Sunday, and have a chat, which was nice!

Yesterday at work was one of those days where you never get to do the things you’d planned to. One thing after another got in the way but a reasonably productive day anyway, even if not in the way I’d intended!

Today the baby and I had a day at home, and other than his (too short) sleep, we spent a lot of time reading, singing and dancing together – I didn’t get much else done, but we had fun. After school, Master Eight headed off to a friends for a couple of hours while I took the younger two to a birthday party (child of same friend from Tuesday) which was lovely (if noisy). Now we’re all home, with two in the bath and one doing some guitar practice for the first time in months!

Tomorrow is a busy day at work as it’s the big fun day (for charity) we have once a year to celebrate our patron. I’m on photography duty, yay! See how nice the photos are on my new camera?

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