I can’t remember the last time I had a sleepover! And I mean one that wasn’t related to necessity (ie: meeting or congoing or some such) – a sleepover just cos, just for fun, with a friend! Last night Helen and her daughter stayed over and it was lovely! We gabbled on for hours, drank more wine than just two people probably should, listened to one of our favourite podcasts together and tweeted our feedback (waves at Galactic Suburbia) and even did a little bit of (volunteer) work. It was FUN. The kids were pretty good (except for the baby who naturally KNEW that we hadn’t had a lot of sleep so reverted to a 5.30am wakeup call!), and we got to have adult conversation with no time limits (except for our own fragile old bones). Lovely!

I was pleased with how my veggie soup turned out too – adding vegemite made all the difference! And Helen’s homemade bread was absolutely delish – Master Eight ate about five slices EVEN THOUGH IT HAD SEEDS IN IT! Nom.

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