Lazy Sunday

We didn’t do too much today. Thought we might have someone come to look at the house so did a bit more tidying up than I’d planned (got the folding done and mostly put away, which was nice!) but they obviously didn’t bother. Which might not be such a bad thing. Husband and I have been talking more and more about keeping the house and renting it out – the market is rubbish at the moment and we really do like it here, so holding on to it as a future option, or at least until the market sorts itself out again, is not a bad idea. And a couple of conversations I’ve had over the weekend might have crystalised a bit of a plan now. It’s only a few months until the end of the year (did you really want to know it’s only 139 days til Christmas? Yes, there’s a countdown clock or three for that!) and it’s probably worth the kids finishing out the year here, and me, too. All sorts of work-related reasons that’s smart. And my mum and dad are making plans to spend Christmas here with my aunts & uncles, and with husband’s roster seeing him fly back for two weeks at work on Christmas Eve, we’ll be spending it alone if we’re not here. But that timing also means that we could make the day after he flies back in after New Year the day we drive out, and Mum and/or Dad could come along, road trip style, which would be great. So it’s a tentative thing we’re kind of thinking about 🙂

Other than that today, we went for a walk to the shop (via the park), all had a little chat to Grandpop on the phone (he doesn’t answer the phone usually when Mum is home, so it’s a nice treat for the kids to talk with him), and I managed to sneak in a little nap when the baby did this afternoon (which would be why I’m still wide awake now!). Just a nice quiet day, really.

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  1. I have spent most of today and yesterday preparing for book week and fretting that I have not written anything for the Fiona McIntosh course I am doing next weekend.

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