Wait, there was a week?

Clearly I’m not as good at blogging when things are busy at work. Monday, spent all day doing the past week’s survey compilation, nothing else achieved. Husband finally home late Monday night, after weeks at work or in Tassie (also work), which was a pleasant change!

Tuesday, um, can’t even remember! I’m sure I did things. Read mainly! And the next box of CBCA judging arrived – more long YA darn it! Some pretty good

Wednesday I decided we couldn’t stomach another day of surveys so actually did some, shock horror, LIBRARY and EDUCATING work. Got a third of the essay I have to write for ongoing renewal written after school too, which was good. We then went out to dinner and although the food wasn’t all that good (we’ll be back to Hogsbreath next time, having now tried Outback Jacks and finding it wanting), it was lovely to be out as a family. This was followed by an evening jaunt, taking the long way home and enjoying the coastline.

Thursday I spent an hour or so at work with bub, just for a birthday morning tea, which was lovely. Then after we picked the kids up from school, we drove up to Perth to take some equipment to the freight depot to send to Tassie for husband. On the way back we stopped in for an early dinner at Sizzler, which was much nicer than dinner the night before! And then another meander-y drive home enjoying the family time! Kids had fun singing loudly!

Friday husband was back to work very early. I had athletics carnival at my school (first decent weather in weeks!), so spent the day working with the IT team on the recording (I’m good at fixing problems, which is helpful). Was pretty full on, particularly the second half of the day which is when the attention of the student helpers usually flags but coincides with the busiest input time! Went and picked the kids up from daycare relatively early because Miss Five had thought she’d made arrangements to take home the kindy room chickens for the weekend – unfortunately their tenure had ended that day (unfortunately for her – I was quite pleased!) so she was a bit upset, but got over it fairly quickly. Was nice to be home in day time!

Another lovely day outside today, and after a trip to the shops, we now have Miss J here visiting and hopefully her mummy here for dinner and a drink later! Think I might do some slushing now – the stories continue to flow in!

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