You can tell I’m back at work

I’m in that funny stage where I’m spending LOADS of time on the computer because I just don’t feel like doing anything else. Managed to get all the washing done today (although disappointingly, not folded and put away – where are my laundry fairies!), but bugger all else. To be fair, Bub was at perhaps his least co-operative, refusing to sleep and having random screaming sessions. When I tried to take him for a walk though he refused to go further than the corner, and while we played soccer for a bit, he got bored with that too. Clearly still a bit unwell (most obvious by his lack of appetite!). Big kids aren’t much better. Miss Five has a hacking cough and Master Eight’s throat is still very sore (a fact he tried to hide from me by not complaining at all, because he hates the medicine so much!). And now of course I’ve got a snuffly nose and the sneezes. Hopefully a good night’s sleep will put a cork in it. Although with the wild weather we’re having right at this moment, it might be a bit noisy to sleep! I woke at 5am because the rain was so loud, and after a showery, blustery day, it’s back in force again.

Holidays finished as well – Monday was a pupil free day, which I spent half of implementing PD for staff. Didn’t do much good – four of us spent three hours yesterday going through the records (for the survey we PDed) and it was shockingly badly done. Disappointing for educated people to do so badly at a fairly straightforward thing. Also had a mass of books to process that arrived over the break, but my other half at work managed to magic most of them away on Tuesday, so the desk was clear yesterday. Nice!

Other than that, I’ve been doing a lot of work for the Aurealis Awards, as the process starts up again for the year. A few bugs to iron out and all that, but the entries are rolling in already, which is fabulous.

And there’s been a bit of slushing for Apocalypse Hope in there. Am very impressed with the number of submissions so far. Still two months to go!

I’ve also been reading a few books that are not Children’s or YA, which has been sort of nice. A bit disappointed in some, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles I guess. Alex and I finished the Vorkosigan Saga (still a couple of posts to write, but the reading is done!) and just about anything is disappointing off the back of Bujold! Have been trying to read some review books interspersed with “for fun” books in my little gap between CBCA boxes (new one early next week, so only a couple of days’ grace left), because my TBR shelves are a bit ridiculous. And the Book Depository is STILL getting my money, which means more books coming darn it!

Another day at work tomorrow, hopefully a little grown up conversation Saturday (pending the state of everyone’s health) and home open Sunday. Bring it on.

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