Time slips

Isn’t it amazing how quickly the days get away? You turn around and oops, three days have passed since you blogged. FAR too easy for that to turn into three WEEKS, I know all too well!

But I have been productive these past couple of days. Sunday was fairly easygoing – took the kids for a walk up to the shops, got some groceries and some cables to connect my computer to the telly. Had to then go out to the shed and unearth a (still in the packet) audio cable for sound, but that was useful too as while I was there I also unearthed the jumpers and wraps and so on I’d been missing for a few weeks now (since it turned cold!). Watched a few episodes of New Who Season One, trying to get used to Christopher Eccleston (who is growing on me) and Rose (who isn’t). Did washing and all that.

 Monday we dropped the baby at daycare (we pay whether we use it or not on the holidays, so he might as well enjoy it!) then the big kids and I went with some friends on the train to Perth, to enjoy the free show put on by the City of Perth. Thirteen children under 10 and four adults. REALLY glad I didn’t take bub, as it meant I was the only adult without a pram which made conveying a dozen kids up escalators while the other mums took the lift a LOT easier! Master Eight was whingy and tired, not like himself at all, and when we got home, he fell asleep for a couple of hours. Then at about 9pm he came into my room with a major attack of the shakes – he simply couldn’t stop. He had a slight temp and I googled to see if I needed to panic – turns out a severe shaking attack is often a symptom of an infection – he had no rash so I wasn’t overtly concerned and fell asleep about 20 minutes after some panadol. He woke up this morning with a really sore throat, and a trip to the doctor said throat infection. He’s already perking up (although has slept half the day!). Miss Five has been off at her friend J’s again today – should be home soon. And I managed to still get to the hairdressers for a chop and colour – bub had his first haircut too. See before and cranky after shots!

And in between all that I’ve been working on putting together the Aurealis Awards judging panels for this year – we were overwhelmed with interest, which is a great position to be in, but saying “thanks but no thanks” to eager volunteers is never easy!

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