It’s nice to feel you’re on top of things. Today I’ve done a little slushing for Apocalypse Hope, cleaned the worst of the mess up (doesn’t take long to accumulate – unbelievable!), finished reading Box C for CBCA Book of the Year judging (over a week early!), made apple & cinnamon muffins from scratch (they were yummy too!) and even cooked dinner. We also WALKED to a friend’s house (was slightly further than Miss Five anticipated!) and had a lovely afternoon there (they very kindly drove us home, thanks to whingy kids!) and got the washing mostly done for the first time this week.

And for the first time all holidays, we’ve eaten well all day – feeling like we really haven’t had enough fruit, veg or exercise lately, so trying to rectify. Might need to whip up a nice vege soup tomorrow…

In other news, the kids have been in the wars the past couple of days. Bub had a big crash at daycare yesterday and now sports a massive egg on his forehead which is bruising up beautifully. Today he endeavoured to match it with some lovely new bruises on the other side of his head! At that bump-into-everything age! Miss Five fell of a scooter this afternoon and gave herself a nice scrape on her knee, and then followed up with a bad landing on the tramp on her back which knocked the wind out of her. And Master Eight takes the prize I think – first up he and Miss Five were having a footrace on our walk today when she veered into him and he went for a spectacular tumble. He pulled himself up from that one okay, but not two hours later smashed full tilt into the closed glass door at our friend’s, sprawling backwards onto the steps! It was hilarious to see, but not so nice to experience poor bugger. Still, he’s basically uninjured, though may be a little stiff tomorrow!

Ah kids, aren’t they fun? 🙂

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