A geek girly day

I had the most lovely day today. Master Eight was still in Tassie with husband, bub was at daycare, and the awesome Helen Merrick invited Miss Five on an all day play date, so I unexpectedly found myself entirely CHILDLESS for the day! This almost NEVER happens, and certainly never on days where I don’t have a million pressing deadlines that must be worked on all day. Today I was on HOLIDAYS, for real!

My first stop after dropping the kids off was the final showing of X-Men First Class (the other cinema had already stopped running it, and the 9.30am today was the last for the old cinema). I got there as the previews rolled, and was super delighted not just to be attending a movie ON MY OWN, but to find I had a completely private showing! Not a single other person in the cinema! Was lovely, and I very much enjoyed the film as well.

I then wandered over to the shops, intending to pop my good coat in for drycleaning and do some long overdue banking. On the way though I went past my favourite beauty salon and they said they could fit me in for a facial in 20 minutes. I squeezed in my other tasks quickly, then thoroughly enjoyed my relaxing facial (highly recommend Vanessa at Solutions Rockingham – she’s lovely!). I then thought to head home, but the spa pedicure lured me in, which then turned into a manicure too, so I had a wonderfully pamper-y couple of hours.

By this stage it was time to head out to Helen’s (via the service station and the bottleshop!) where I got both a cuppa AND a glass of wine in, among the usual mad nag about books that Helen and I tend to have, before we had to take off and pick up the small one. Now we’re cooking dinner and awaiting the arrival home of husband and Master Eight.



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2 responses to “A geek girly day

  1. Marg

    I often find myself feeling a bit lost when I have an unexpected child free day. Your day sounds very nice!

  2. Ju

    That sounds like the most awesome of days!!!

    So glad you got such a lovely holiday day to yourself 😀

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