Holidays, the first few days


Spent mostly getting hubby/son sorted for their little jaunt to Tassie, and just vegging on the couch a bit. They left about 8pm and by all reports were pretty buggered Sunday. Finally had a second call today, where Master Eight tells me he doesn’t want to move to Tasmania because it’s too cold. Oh dear.


Cleaned up in the morning (luckily as we), had a house inspection, walked up to the shops (I LOVE Sunday trading on the holidays!) with the kids, and did my first slushing for Apocalypse Hope.


Helen and her daughter came for a good long visit – was delightful to just sit and drink cups of tea and yack about books! Girls played nicely, bub was at daycare, so it was very pleasant indeed. In the evening I had a babysitter so I could go to Gold Class with a bunch of mums from school. Didn’t hate the movie (Bridesmaids) which was a bonus.


Fun Station with another family from school (recently relocated from the UK – very lovely!) for nearly four hours, then an hour or so at the park with some more school friends. Til bub got too cranky and it chilled down. Miss Five then watched The Princess Bride for the first time. She loved it (naturally) 🙂

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