A few bits and bobs

I started slush reading for my new FableCroft project Apocalypse Hope today. I’ve had 15 submissions in the week since I opened the call, which has surprised me a bit! Having said that, it’s the first time I’ve had an open to international submissions anthology, so I guess the pool becomes a fair bit bigger then. I may live to regret that! It’s always interesting to see how other people interpret the theme, and the hardest stories to say no to are those that are well written, but just don’t fit with my inner vision of the anthology. Can’t publish them all!


My friends are pretty awesome. We started selling off our furniture when we put the house on the market. There were a couple of reasons for this. The first was that I’ve moved a lot of times, and I know how long packing can take and how much moving costs. This is a major interstate move which could be a pretty big hit on the wallet, so we decided we wouldn’t take most of our furniture (it also doesn’t help that we’ll probably be moving to a much smaller, already furnished, house – storage would be a problem). My theory was that if I start selling stuff off, it forces me to sort and either discard or pack things up. The other motive was to create a more open living area – once the furniture is out, the place looks its size! So we listed stuff on Gumtree and I was absolutely flabbergasted by how quickly things sold. Things like tables and chairs, and all the living room furniture. Oops. But luckily Alisa and Chris, having combined households, happened to have a spare dining room table and chairs they were happy to lend, and the wonderful Terri and her kids were kind enough to bring their trailer and transport it for us on Friday. I’m terribly grateful to all of them – it’s so nice to have somewhere to eat again! The kids are disappointed though. They liked eating on the couch or floor – weirdos 🙂


It occurs to me that I haven’t really posted any kid pix here. Bubs is growing so fast that each picture looks different now (he eats ALL THE TIME! No wonder he’s growing!). So here’s a kid pic, taken today in his favourite spot, the high chair 🙂


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2 responses to “A few bits and bobs

  1. Rach

    Wow! Maxi boy has grown so much!

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