It’s holidays!

Holidays have started here in WA now, at last. It was only a 10 week term, far better than the shocker 12 weeks we had for Term 1, and if I think about it, it actually feels like it’s gone really fast. Partly because I’ve been so busy I guess, but also because being part-time makes the weeks go really quickly I reckon. But anyway, the holidays are here, and I’m sure they’ll pass equally as quickly, given what we’ve got planned already.

Husband and Master Eight are off to Tassie tonight, returning Wednesday night. Miss Five is most distressed that she isn’t going too, so we’ll have to have a couple of friend playdates while they are away. Monday night it looks like I’ll be going to the movies with a group of other mothers. Not terribly impressed that we’re going to watch Bridesmaids, but anyway…

Thursday and Friday I am finally starting my Accreditation to Teach in a Catholic school, mandatory for teaching in the Catholic system. It’s two full days of PD up in Perth. Have to do SIX of these by the end of my fifth year of teaching in Cath Ed. Which would be next year. Oops. Think I’ve got some leeway, having had maternity leave and now being part time, but figured I’d better start the process, even if we are leaving.

The following week I’ll be having a writing day with a group of other TLs, working on some units for a new course at ECU. And on the last Friday of the hols it’s the judges conference for the WA Premier’s Book Awards. Looking forward to that! In between hopefully some social stuff and some more decluttering. Was considering a garage sale, but not sure when to do it – waiting to see what the agent has planned for home opens etc.

And I’m really REALLY hoping the baby continues his two day trend of sleeping in past half past six for the holidays!

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