A rather full day

Today was a full day. We actually cadged a little sleep in (6.30 is a sleep in when you’re used to 5am) as the baby stayed asleep! (or at least quiet enough that I didn’t hear him til then!). Dropped the big kids to school, then wandered off to McDonalds with three other mums and littlies for a couple of hours of chat over cuppas while the kids enjoyed the little playground our local Maccas has. Haven’t done enough of this sort of thing this year, so was very pleasant.

We all then went back to school (two and a half hours after it started) to pick up our darlings, as today was a half day for parent-teacher interviews. Brought mine home so baby could have a much needed sleep, bummed about for a couple of hours, then woke the baby and went back to school for interviews. Was a little surprised by Master Eight’s – he’s always been right where he should be or above in his school work, but today’s report showed a marked down turn in his writing skills. He’s basically not applying himself enough – as an example, this is the little review he wrote about Diary of a Wimpy Kid on his Goodreads tonight:

i enjoy reading this book because it was funny. i like the charcters and what they did.i really really want to read Diary Of Wimpy Kid 2 Rodrick Rules because i know it is going to be funny.

Yes, need to work on his punctuation and attention to detail. Pretty much what the teacher said 🙂 And really, if I can’t help him improve on this stuff, I need to hang up my hat as a parent/teacher/editor! His spelling is very good though (ahem, typos excepted) and his reading level is a full grade higher than his age.

I think we also need to support him a bit on his perseverance – he tends to give up a bit easily, and if pressed, generally achieves quite well! So, some things to work on. I was pleased with his maths results though, because he started the year a bit behind with that (two years of the same teacher who was very strong in literacy, not so big on the maths. Now has a maths/science oriented teacher – makes a difference! Need the balance).

Miss Five got a lovely report and is doing very well. She love to create her own writing, and is fantastic at recognising letters/sounds and is starting to read independently. Happy mummy (and it has to be said, Master Eight was getting pretty similar results at this age!).

We went from interviews to the shops – had to get supplies for afternoon tea, and we also wandered by the Kmart toy sale. Wasn’t all that exciting. And then it was to my school, where I was hosting the meeting. Got the ic3 journal mailout packaged in about 20 minutes (MUCH quicker with an industrial strength printer to do the envelopes and three people working at the stuffing!), although the meeting went til 6.30pm. Ouch. Baby was feral by this stage but luckily the committee is very lovely (and mostly mothers/grandmothers!).

By the time we got home it was bedtime! And now I am finally caught up for the day. I like days like this, for social reasons, but sometimes it’s more tiring than work! 🙂

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