The weekend is over

I’m really tired at the moment. The baby has been waking up super early again, after a period where I thought we’d finally got him into the habit of post-6am starts. The past three mornings he’s been super wet when I go in to him, so have finally reverted to Huggies nappies to see if that helps. Used to have to do that with both the others – Snugglers for days, Huggies for nights, but not so with this one, til now. Plus I’m not sure Huggies are as good as they were a few years ago!

We had two home opens this weekend – no-one came to yesterday’s but there was a few through today, the agent said, which is good. She also reckons the market might be on a little upswing (in terms of sales at least, not prices), so fingers crossed. We’re switching from home open to by appointment now, thank goodness. Yes, it will mean keeping the house more tidy ALL the time, but at least if we get a short notice appointment, they will expect the house to look lived in. I was starting to go a little barmy getting things ready for the home opens. Do not like the growl-y mummy who comes out when trying to tidy around three kids. Who are really very good and don’t deserve to be yelled at!

We went to Mandurah yesterday for a visit with the Batt-clan, which was very pleasant, and today we took ourselves out to lunch, then to the movies to see Cars 2 (2D). I enjoyed what I saw of it, but after a short nap, baby woke screaming and wouldn’t settle. It’s the second time in two movies he’s done this, so I’m thinking we might need to not take him to see them anymore. Meaning no more family movies all together for a while. It’s annoying, because it was never a problem with the first two! He’s different in so many ways. Still lovely though 🙂

I had planned an early night tonight, but that’s gone by the wayside. It’s been a very bloggy type of day today and it’s still going! But I really must go catch some sleep. Work tomorrow! Whatever shall I do now I’ve finished the weeding? (goes off to count the millions of jobs that need doing…)

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