Rereading the Vorkosigan saga

I’m doing a reread of Lois McMaster Bujold’s Vorkosigan Saga with Alex, who hasn’t read it before. I finished the Miles, Mystery & Mayhem omnibus & was moving on to Miles Errant but between Brothers in Arms and Mirror Dance, the chronology says there’s supposed to be a second Borders of Infinity (the first being the novella that opens the omnibus). This is crazy, of course – why would there be a novella, a collection (which contains three novellas, including it’s namesake) AND a novel of the same name!!?? I searched Book Depository, Amazon and Better World Books for some clue to this mysterious story I couldn’t find and thought I must be going nuts. But then, one short, WONDERFUL comment on the Better World Books entry for Borders of Infinity finally gave it away. It mentioned the “framing story” of the collection, and finally the penny dropped. I grabbed my copy of it (never opened because I’d already read the stories in the omnibus editions) and yep, there it was. Four very short chapters of a framing story containing the three novellas. What a drama! And really not adding much to the overarching saga, but good for a completist 🙂

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