A productive day…

It felt like it at least. I was only home for a fairly short time during the day but got a bunch of jobs done I needed to do, plus the washing and some fun with the baby. Then the two of us went shopping – we didn’t have a very long list but it involved wandering from one end of our rather large shopping centre to the other for various items, and other than some very grabby hands in the clothing departments, he behaved very well for the two+ hours we were there! Given that he’d had such a short sleep this morning (burnt toast set off our apparently very sensitive new smoke detectors – they are VERY piercingly loud!), he did very well today. We went straight from shopping to school to pick up the big kids. This turned into an hour in the school playground with a bunch of other mums while the children entertained each other very nicely, then another hour and a half at a friend’s place, where again, the children were barely seen. Was very pleasant, particularly as I’ve been pretty caught up in doing house-prepping lately (among a lot of other things!) and haven’t been spending any time at the kids’ school or with friends from there. I really enjoyed catching up and chatting. Will make an effort to get back to playgroup this week too – had stopped going earlier in the year because the baby thinks that 9am to 11am is nap time, so there really wasn’t much point (plus, last year two hour playgroup tended to run on into cuppas at someone’s house after, and I was losing a day each week to it!). I think the boy is ready to move to one sleep more in the middle of the day now, so will experiment with that on Thursday.

We came home after our afternoon out and managed to keep the grumpy tired baby awake to a reasonable bedtime (he would have preferred to go by 6pm, but experience is teaching us this is a bad idea if we like to sleep past 5am). The big kids and I had our second tv-free-evening in a row (meaning that guitar practice, homework, reading and colouring have been on the agenda instead) and it’s been so peaceful! I’m thinking we might start a trend here 🙂 ) Think we might try it again tonight…

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