Long time no update

I’ve done a few posts but nothing much really! I shall blame:

* Swancon organising (eleven days to go!)
* Getting After the Rain finished (it’s here! Looks brilliant! You can buy it!) 🙂
* Work (just normal busy stuff)
* Reading (working through the WA Premier’s Book Awards judging – lots and lots of great Aussie YA)
* Buying houses (a little one in Tassie – NOT to move to!)
* Family (they keep me busy, yes)
* Andre Norton Award shortlist interviews (just started, but interesting again this year!)

I’m also excited about the forthcoming awards (Aurealis, Ditmars, Tin Ducks and more!) being announced soon, which FableCroft is nicely represented in. And I’m planning my trip to the AAs (flying overnight visit to Sydney!) in May. And lots of other stuff. Is good!


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2 responses to “Long time no update

  1. Anonymous

    For husband to base at when mining over there. And to get a toe in the market, for later 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    Heh, Tassie house if for husband to base himself at when he’s there “a prospectin'” more than anything. Might holiday there. Might use it ourselves when we EVENTUALLY make the move there, in the interim months of buying decent sized house in much more populous area! 🙂

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