And yet more days go by…

In the past weeks I have had:

* Swancon meeting and ongoing stuff to do related to same.
* WASLA meeting and going stuff to do related to same.
* editing, layout and proofing of After the Rain occur.
* wind up of the After the Rain ebook fundraiser for QLD Flood Relief – we raised over $2400 and I’m so pleased and thankful to all who contributed in any way.
* WASLA PD, which I presented at and participated in.
* a meeting with the CBCA-WA branch president regarding my new role as WA judge for the CBCA Book Awards – very exciting and a little daunting!
* two boxes of books arrive for the WA Premier’s Book Awards reading.
* very busy days at work.
* a kid birthday party (which I kind of piked early on, because it was so. damn. hot.)
* a little time with friends (about to rectify that with two groups of friends today! Yay!).
* lots of early mornings. And some early nights. Are they balancing out? Hopefully!
* probably more stuff. Who can remember.

That’s my life in dot points, which is about all I’ve got time for, but needed to post! And here, have a cutie pie picture 🙂


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