I have no idea why it’s taken me so long to do a proper update post. In my defence, I’ve been flat out at work (first few weeks of the year are always a madhouse!), working really hard on the new professional association journal I’m editor for, and on Swancon stuff, as it rapidly approaches! In between all that, I’ve started clearing the decks for two major judging roles I was delighted to be selected for (two boxes of books for the first one arrived today and have been neatly put away in the judging cupboard!), meaning I’ve tried to clear a bit of my TBR shelf and catch up on some outstanding reviews and so on. 

But it hasn’t been all work – have had some lovely catchups with friends, both planned and unexpected, which has been really nice and good to keep me balanced. We’re back at playgroup (although I skipped it yesterday as Master One has been a bit crook – teething mostly – and I just NEEDED a day at home!). With both big kids at school fulltime now, you’d think my two days off would be really productive now, but, um, not yet… 🙂

Um, there’s been other stuff. But I can’t think of it right now! So that’ll do.

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  1. Anonymous

    Yeah, same here. V’s been in fulltime school for 2 and a bit weeks now, and I’m still juggling and trying to figure out how it all meshes in. And with his op next week it’s all back up in the air again for a bit.
    Once it settles down I’ll be powering through stuff. Until then I just feel a bit adrift.

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