On holidays so far I…

1. Overnighted in Toowoomba.
2. Waited on roads for water/damage.
3. Watched hours and hours of news coverage on the Queensland floods.
4. Worked on After the Rain.
5. Pulled a limited edition version of After the Rain together (thanks to the generosity of the contributors) and made it available for donation as an ebook – we’re up over $1500 already.
6. Spent a lot of time on Facebook & Twitter watching people deal with the floods.
7. Spent time with family & friends, particularly at the pool.
8. Met stranded travellers and truckies (the town closest to us is the main highway east to Brisbane, north to Rockhampton, south to Goondiwindi & west to Charleville – mostly closed for almost a week in almost all directions).
9. Admired the "massive" fish caught in the dam by Master Eight.
10. Read some Aurealis entries.
11. Had some good nights’ sleep.
12. Had some shocking nights’ sleep.
13. Enjoyed having dinner cooked for me every night (thanks Dad!).

We’re enjoying being with the family and catching up with some friends. We’re a little disappointed we can’t see some people due to floods, but that’s the least of our worries. 

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  1. Anonymous

    You really did pick the best time to go on holiday, didn’t you?

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