Holiday plan fail

We’re supposed to be getting on a plane tomorrow morning. But with the roads to our destination under metres of water in multiple places, particularly at Chinchilla (which is 50 km east of where we are going), we finally made the decision to postpone the trip. Qantas kindly has waived rebooking fees on our flights, so fingers crossed we’ll be able to get there late next week for a bit shorter but still goodly visit. Grandpop is especially disappointed as he hasn’t yet met Bubba, hasn’t seen Miss Five in a year and loves fishing with Master Eight. We’re all sad as we’ve been looking forward to this for months – hopefully rivers will subside and roads will be clear again in a few days. 

Determined to make the most of an extra week at home. Went down early this morning to the Vac Swim and managed to snag the kids places in swimming lessons for the next 8 days, starting midday today. Am going to clean out the shed. And do my edits for After the Rain. And hopefully some more, unexpected catchups with friends! 


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4 responses to “Holiday plan fail

  1. Anonymous

    “After The Rain” … heh. Highly appropriate in the circumstances!

  2. Anonymous

    How hilarious that you’re editing “After the Rain”! You need to fast track it to cash in on its appropriateness!
    Sucks about the holiday. Our own much smaller trip to the Bunya Mountains is not looking likely either 😦

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