More socialising!

After a peaceful family day on Christmas Day, Boxing Day brought us a lovely afternoon with   and clan,   &  . Much food and drink and fun!   brought her truly excellent vanilla slice (with some customised just for me what doesn’t like passionfruit!) and with the big kids entertaining the little ones, it was a very nice afternoon. Pity about the cricket. And poor A & N had to come back to collect forgotten phone, which led to much overheating of car, but otherwise, all good!

Then today we had visitors from Queensland – a mate of hubby’s from when he worked in a little mine in a little country town, who he’s kept in touch with and who is now married to a girl I briefly went to high school with (although we don’t really know each other). They brought young daughters, so kids were once again entertained, and we had a lovely few hours including swims and a big BBQ. 

Today I also booked tickets in a sleeper berth on the Westlander. It only runs twice a week and happens to work out for us flying into Brissy on Thursday. Chances are better for the train getting through to our destination than a car, so while it means a longer journey, if there are delays with rain over the road, at least we have a bed and access to a loo etc without leaving the train 🙂 Will be an exciting adventure. I spent today looking at people’s updates on Facebook showing roads cut and creeks flooded, so we still might not get there, but we’ll have our best shot. Could be very exciting…

Tomorrow at this stage is looking like hubby taking the kids to see a silly movie, me taking baby to go shopping. Plan! 


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3 responses to “More socialising!

  1. Anonymous

    July 4, 2011 Links and Plugs
    User referenced to your post from July 4, 2011 Links and Plugs saying: […] NewsCall for Submissions: Apocalypse Hope […]

  2. Anonymous

    You haven’t gotten very far yet with your new blog. Can you please let friends know when you move over altogether? 🙂 Or at least when you post there?

  3. Anonymous

    I’m not on Facebook, alas, Tehani, and have no intention of opening a Facebook account till I absolutely have to. I’ll look out for the other one.

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