Pre-Christmas socialising

I love the week between school finishing and Christmas. It’s always a social time and this week has been no different. 

Friday – wonderful day with my work mates at our annual Christmas function. Carols, Mass, farewells *sniff* and beautiful lunch with excellent company.

Saturday – unexpected trip northwards to go shopping and then hang out with   – always a win!

Sunday – a few lovely hours with   and   (sans children, most odd!) – good conversation and even a swim!

Monday – a full day with  ,  ,   and  . Eight hours flies by when you’re having fun! A most relaxing, energising and awesome day, followed by 

Tuesday – a spot of shopping. I feel there was more, but I don’t think so!

Wednesday – A trip to Mandurah to visit  , while Miss Five hung out with a kindy friend (and then we did too when picking her up).

Today and tomorrow are currently looking fairly peaceful (which is sort of good, as we’ve lots to do!) but I don’t doubt some visits with kid friends are on the cards! And then it’s Christmas!

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