How does a week go by?

I know it’s partly because I’ve gone to bed before 8 three times in the past five days, but I’ve also been up before 4am three days too! Been a bit busy. Worked Monday/Tuesday – last day with kids Monday, last proper work day Tuesday which meant lots of loose ends to tie. Found out very late Tuesday night that Worlds Next Door was reviewed in The West Australian that day, which was lovely! Garnered some sales too, which was a very pleasant bonus. I’ve gathered all the reviews I know about here, if you’re interested 🙂 Still time to get a copy as a Chrissy pressie for some youngster you know! Will post Monday, which will mean delivery within Australia by Friday!

Had our library staff Christmas brekkie Wednesday morning, which was lovely. Then went in for unpaid work for KK morning tea and some more loose end tying (and choir practice). Was supposed to have a meeting in the afternoon, but had to apologise because bubba wasn’t well and hubby was busy. Disappointing as it was my first time with that group. 

Thursday saw me at work AGAIN, although only briefly, after story time at the library first, for staff farewells. Hubby and I then celebrated his "pretend" birthday (he’s away on the day) with lunch at Hogsbreath (with Miss Five and Bubs). Very nice. Thursday night saw us at my school again, but for fun this time – the Year 10s put on the inaugural Carols at Kolbe, which we all really enjoyed. Look forward to next year!

Then with all of US officially on holidays, hubby went back to work 🙂 Which meant me hustling all three kids out the door super early Friday to be in at work on time for Carols, Mass, farewells, KK pressies and an off-site luncheon (which was BEAUTIFUL, and lots of good company too – love my job!). I dropped off a bunch of revellers to the next venue (they had two more after lunch finished at 4!) and headed home, quite happily actually – just not the party animal I used to be! And the kids and I were all asleep by 7pm!

Today was a lazy day to start with – needed to do lots of cleaning up, washing and so on (now that husband has gone back, can tidy with a fair chance of staying that way for a few days – yes, he’s worse than the kids for picking up after himself! Lucky I love him…!). At about lunchtime, girliejones randomly suggested we come up and go shopping with her – so we did! Spent a while in the madhouse of the shops (got our Santa photo, so that’s a tick!) and accidentally bought a bunch of clothes from TS! Big sale, yum! Then went back to her place for lunch and chat – always nice 🙂

Tomorrow we have the Batts in the morning, and starting to look like a nice social week ahead as well. It’s holidays!

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