Best Australian Fantasy Series

I came up with a mad idea, which   has enabled me on 🙂 Nominate your picks for the Best Australian Fantasy Series now!


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3 responses to “Best Australian Fantasy Series

  1. Anonymous

    Off the top of my head; Sara Douglass’ Crucible series, Juliet Marillier’s Sevenwaters series, Isobelle Carmody’s (unfinished) Darkfall series… Sean Williams’ Books of the Change.
    Will have a think if there are others…

    • Anonymous

      Unfinished series don’t count, cheater! 🙂 The Sevenwaters series is problematic, as the actual trilogy isn’t eligible (last book published in 2001, and the following two books are stand alones. Will consider! Crucible series isn’t eligible as last book was published in 2002 (but others of hers are…) and the Sean Williams series has the same problem! Sorry 😦

      • Anonymous

        Oh, okay! I didn’t actually follow your link so I didn’t realise there were rules.
        Will have to think harder then, as I’ve read less in the last few years…

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