Busy busy busy

* we took hubby’s car in for a service
* my husband had two skid steers delivered
* I took Miss Five to story time at the library
* I finally got to the bank to do a job I’ve been meaning to do for months – took over an hour
* Hubby took the big kids and went down south to pick up a new (secondhand) big truck for the skid steers
* I did some slushing, work for my mum and other miscellaneous jobs

* I drove hubby up to Perth to pick up our car from his mate
* Then I drove to Mandurah to enjoy the Scholastic Book Fair sale (wow, that was FUN! And expensive…)
* Drove home and did washing etc
* Went to shops to pick up stuff for kid school party tomorrow and afternoon tea for meeting
* Went to work to prepare for a meeting
* Took delivery of school yearbook and organised distribution process
* Had three hour WASLA meeting (which got me more work to do!)
* Came home and finalised yearbook distribution details to email to work for early starting staffie
* Organised clothes for family Christmas party tomorrow afternoon and clothes/costumes for kids’ school Christmas concert tomorrow night (which included pinning an elephant costume to look (sort of) like a kangaroo)

These two days followed two full on busy days at work, Tuesday night at school Awards Night in Mandurah, Sunday with a big shopping trip and visiting kids, and Saturday at Helencon! 

Feel a little like I haven’t taken a breath all week, am not sleeping all that well, and really looking forward to school finishing so I can have a rest day!

Lucky it’s all fun though 🙂


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2 responses to “Busy busy busy

  1. Anonymous

    I feel tired reading it, and you come across as having enjoyed it all! 😀

    • Anonymous

      Heh. I kind of do enjoy it, although now it seems I’ve picked up a slight cold, so that’s not going to help. Yesterday was full on – Yearbook distribution organisation all day, then my school’s family Christmas party, followed by the kids’ end of year Concert. Next few days are looking a little more peaceful though 🙂

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