Two more great days!

I’m very lucky. I got to have another day of birthday yesterday at work – my staff completely spoilt me with beautiful food and lovely presents! Sadly didn’t get to spend a lot of time WITH my staff, as I had meetings pretty much all of the day, but these let us sign off on the Yearbook at a couple of other projects, so were worthwhile – just a shame about the timing!

Today was another great day too. Hubby and Master Eight went deep sea and estuary fishing with a mate of hubby’s from work. M8 was over the moon excited about this – he’s such a mad keen fisherman but he doesn’t get anywhere near enough fishing time so this was the best day ever, according to him! They caught a heap too, which made it even better 🙂 So they left super early while Miss Five and I hung out at home for a few hours, cleaned up, did washing and so on for the morning, then we went to the train station, picked up  , and headed out to Helencon! Was a wonderful afternoon with awesome women. And the kids were great too! Although I had to leave a bit earlier than I would have liked because Bubba was cracking up (he hurt his face on a wooden block after playing beautifully with them for well over an hour!).

I’ve had a great couple of days. Thanks everyone who has made it so! Looking forward to some more catchups real soon!

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One response to “Two more great days!

  1. Anonymous

    was so lovely to have you here! Hope bub is ok – poor love!!
    i’m sitting here not quite knowing what to do with myself and figuring its far too late to start a new book.. isn’t it? but then what else do i do when everyone else has left me or gone to bed? 😦
    oh – go to bed? hmmm must think on that..

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