What a lovely day…

I had such a nice birthday! Thank you to everyone on Facebook and Twitter who sent birthday wishes, was so lovely! Was up very early thanks to Bub, but I’d gone to bed super early so wasn’t too bad. Big kids got up pretty early too, keen to give mum her pressie (a lovely piece of crystal). Got the playgroup visitors from 9am and had them until 1ish which was fun and very pleasant. During that time we had Pure Blond (two women doing lawn mowing/gardening) do a big cleanup of the yard and gardens, and the new fridge (a couple of months early thanks to the old one deciding to cark it!) delivered. Which meant that after the visitors left I had to cleanout the old fridge and transfer food etc. But new fridge! Is lovely. 

The wonderful babysitter came early, which was good because we decided quite late that yes we WOULD prefer to go to Gold Class, no matter what the movie, and went to a slightly earlier session than planned. Saw Harry Potter, which I enjoyed and husband didn’t mind, even though he had NO clue what was going on! And the food and drinks were lovely. Then I went and got my free birthday Boost Juice! Yum 🙂

So a very nice 35th birthday, thank you everyone!

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