Weekend? What weekend?!

It’s been busier than I expected, that’s for sure. Did a heap of washing, cooking and washing up Saturday morning, before an unexpected get together Saturday afternoon with   and Helen, which was all kinds of great, and ticks the boxes of productivity AND social 🙂 Stayed up late to finish some proofing for Alisa so she could pick it up on her way home this afternoon. This morning was filing (it grows, I’m sure of it!) and more washing (seriously, how do we use MORE clothes in summertime?!) and all that, before I took the baby and went SHOPPING! Needed to do a big grocery shop, but made the most of hubby being home with the big kids to have a good go through Target and Kmart and so on, picking up bits and pieces of Chrissy pressies. Hubby has his birthday three days before Christmas, and he’s actually done quite well this year too! Now I just need to send him off with the kids in the next day or two to get ME a birthday present! 🙂 Baby and I spent a very enjoyable few hours wandering around the shops – he really enjoyed it, by all appearances!

Alisa dropped by briefly to deliver Fables returns and pick up the proof, and then it was time for dinner and a swim. Hmmm. Doesn’t seem like I’ve actually done all that much, but it really did feel busy!

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  1. Anonymous

    Thanks for the Fables loans, btw, greatly enjoyed them.

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