Acronyms in action

We’ve had to come up with a name for a new committee. One of our English teachers really rose to the challenge and gave us a heap – these are some of my favourites (school name changed):

"Kirkus’s educational English performance improvement team supporting improvements, moderating performance, & lifting education standards through understanding pedagogical improvements& developments" – KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID

"Literacy intervention and redevelopment squad" – LIARS

"Developing educational advice & development of Writing, oration & reading at Kirkus" – DEAD WORK 


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2 responses to “Acronyms in action

  1. Anonymous

    When Nyssa Pascoe was first discussing starting ASFFWA, I suggested it should have been called the Australian Society of Speculative Writers, Illustrators, Publishers and Editors. Or ASSWIPE. 😉
    (oh, and my vote goes to KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID, for double recursion!)

  2. Anonymous

    One of my projects has the acronym “PHISR” – which I pronounce “fizzer”.

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