Well, what do you know?

Surprisingly, I’ve had quite a productive day (and it’s only mid-afternoon!). Considering that at about 8am I had no energy whatsoever, I’m stunned at how much I’ve achieved. I think because I had such a lack of energy, I decided to sit down and veg at the computer, which then led to me actually catching up on a bunch of jobs I needed to do! And my energy kicked in too!

Today I have:

* Organised tax paperwork and spreadsheet to send to accountant. Finally!
* Written two reports for the WASLA AGM next week. 
* Organised the mailing of FableCroft orders from the past couple of days.
* Slushed a little and sent a story off for an expert eye AND received feedback from said expert. Awesome! 
* Made publishable two uni assignments and sent off for web publication.
* Requested articles for newsletter for 2011.
* Made email enquiries regarding three payroll issues for husband and self.
* Started cooking dinner.
* Spent time with family.

Am feeling most virtuous and good! I think I might do a spot more slushing now 🙂

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