And thus 10 days disappear!

Ten days since last proper content. Sigh. Will try to do better but this time of year is insane. So, in dot points, since last proper update:

* Master Seven became Master Eight (henceforth referred to as M8). To celebrate he had a friend stayover on the Saturday night. We went to Sizzler for dinner (his choice) and went "fishing" at the fish farm (was hot, with sticky flies and not a single sign there were fish in any of the ponds – disappointing). He got a replacement for the DS he lost when travelling unaccompanied last holidays (second-hand from the US, which meant some running around to find a new charger!), books, lego and cash (which he used to buy new DS games).
* This week M8 also became a real reader, finishing – over a series of nights – Matilda by Roald Dahl. Love it.
* Our patio is finished, as is the fencing (at last). Looks great, although now I really want hubby to redo the gardens and new pavers would be good… 🙂 
* On Thursday we had   (with G and baby in tow!),  ,   and   to visit, which was lovely. We persevered outside in the new patio in the heat for some time, but eventually admitted defeat and came in to enjoy the aircon (for the first time this summer). Was so nice to catch up with S & J who I don’t see enough, and of course L & T, who I do see a bit of, but would always like to see more!
* Have been catching up at work – arguing with textbook publishers actually does achieve results with perseverance, although I’m still not happy. And this week I’ve proofread the school diary (urk) and the Yearbook. Among other things 🙂
* Baby is now quite active and mobile. He’s not crawling, but rolls with intent! Is really getting a personality happening, and turning into quite a cheeky little bugger!
* Miss Five is going today to get a big haircut – she’s such a fish and wants to swim all the time and we’re fighting over brushing her hair all the time. I’ve convinced her to get it cut off for summer so she’ll be able to wash and brush it herself. That’s the theory anyway! Seems like since I’ve gone back to work she’s not getting to see as much of her friends as before, which makes her sad, but we’re working on it. 
* I finished my uni marking on time and actually really enjoyed the last assignment – some very creative and interesting future librarians out there! Have replaced that with hooking into my Aurealis reading and finally getting to the After the Rain slushing. Ah, and the tax.
* Hubby has jaunted off to Tassie again – should be the last trip for a while. Is also on holidays, so home until a weekish before Christmas, work for a week, then home Christmas Eve, to have his first Christmas at home with us in at least four years. Yay! 
* Having good things happen on the FableCroft front – some great reviews of Worlds Next Door in the last couple of weeks and queries from bookstores all over the country. Am very pleased. 

Um, I think that’s it! Lots of other stuff happening I’m sure, but I can’t think of it now!


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2 responses to “And thus 10 days disappear!

  1. Anonymous

    Was so lovely to see you the other morning!! *delight*

  2. Anonymous

    Cute baby picture!

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