Get stuffed Channel 7

Here’s the thing Channel 7. I work. I have three kids. I need to try to get to bed no later than 10.30pm, 11pm at the absolute latest. If you’re going to insist on not even STARTING the shows that are supposed to be on your Sunday night lineup until 10pm, I’m going to stop watching. I’m going to tell you to fuck right off, and I’m going to buy me the DVD sets of the shows I love, that you are supposed to be showing from 8.30pm on Sunday nights. Or at least, no later than 9pm. It’s nearly 10pm now, and the stupid fucking X-Factor isn’t nearly finished. 

So get stuffed Channel 7. I’m going to bed and tomorrow, I’m buying box sets of Bones and Castle. I wonder who will get the money from that? I’m pretty sure it’s not you.

No love.


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8 responses to “Get stuffed Channel 7

  1. Anonymous

    You take that power back.
    I barely watch anything on air anymore. Maybe my reality tv shows (Survivor, The Amazing Race) and will watch the CSI’s if I remember. Got so tired of wondering if the episode I stayed up for is a new one (‘cos often they aren’t) or just having to watch it when the channels show it. But most of my tv watching these days is on boxsets.

    • Anonymous

      The only problem is with box sets is that I then forget to make time to watch them! 🙂

      • Anonymous

        Change the default – put your current box set next to the TV, and keep the aerial cable in a drawer 🙂
        Assuming that doesn’t drive the kids too bananas…

      • Anonymous

        Oh, I know what you mean. I’ve still yet to watch Supernatural season 4, and they’re up to 6 or something now.

  2. Anonymous

    You expected Telethon to finish on time???

    • Anonymous

      Possibly it wouldn’t have been so bad if it wasn’t followed by the X-Factor, which has yet to finish at its scheduled time once.

  3. Anonymous

    My view entirely. It’s such an on-going problem that I almost gave up on Sherlock. Glad I didn’t though.

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