It’s the business end of the year. Birthdays, leading up to Christmas, end of year processes at work, Aurealis reading, and this year, WASLA meetings and uni assignment marking. So I’m a bit slow with the updates! Today though, I did something unusual! I spoke at a NaNoWriMo Cafe, sponsored by the Rockingham City Council (organised by  in his "real life" role!). This was a lot of fun with a nice group of people (including  , which was good!) and I hope the NaNoers got something out of what I said. I made myself some notes to speak from (based on my experience on the editor/reader side of the coin), which I’ve blogged at FableCroft. One participant asked about ebooks at the end, and I had to stop myself from talking too much about it, as I’m starting to form some strong opinions! The biggest issue for me at work right now is e-texts (textbooks rather than fiction) so it’s right at the forefront of my daily life these days!

Other than that, I’m still battling sick kids (baby was well for a few days then got sick again, apparently the same thing – chirpy enough but clearly unwell with a bad cough, although daycare have accepted him anyway… Doctor’s tomorrow), and university deadlines for marking may kill me, but we’re surviving thus far! Master Seven becomes Master Eight on Friday – where does time go?

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  1. Anonymous

    what’s happening at your end with e-texts? I’m advising a joint venture school in China and would love to hear your side of what is happening in the real world 🙂

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