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Weekend? What weekend?!

It’s been busier than I expected, that’s for sure. Did a heap of washing, cooking and washing up Saturday morning, before an unexpected get together Saturday afternoon with   and Helen, which was all kinds of great, and ticks the boxes of productivity AND social 🙂 Stayed up late to finish some proofing for Alisa so she could pick it up on her way home this afternoon. This morning was filing (it grows, I’m sure of it!) and more washing (seriously, how do we use MORE clothes in summertime?!) and all that, before I took the baby and went SHOPPING! Needed to do a big grocery shop, but made the most of hubby being home with the big kids to have a good go through Target and Kmart and so on, picking up bits and pieces of Chrissy pressies. Hubby has his birthday three days before Christmas, and he’s actually done quite well this year too! Now I just need to send him off with the kids in the next day or two to get ME a birthday present! 🙂 Baby and I spent a very enjoyable few hours wandering around the shops – he really enjoyed it, by all appearances!

Alisa dropped by briefly to deliver Fables returns and pick up the proof, and then it was time for dinner and a swim. Hmmm. Doesn’t seem like I’ve actually done all that much, but it really did feel busy!

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Mini-Reviews #20

I feel like I’m not reading as much as usual at the moment. I’ve been doing a lot of proofing and slushing, and work/committee related things, so that might be a reason. Ah, Christmas is coming, so hopefully can ramp up again then! 🙂

Bullet, Laurel K Hamilton – *sigh* Totally a porn book. There’s actually quite a lot of story here, but it’s info dumped and completely second fiddle to the (admittedly quite hot) sex sections.

Red Hood’s Revenge, Jim C Hines – Enjoyed this but felt the character of Roudette was underused, and the switching POV was distracting. Look forward to the final book in this series though, as they are still great reads.

Cyroburn, Lois McMaster Bujold – I love Lois. SO delighted to see a new instalment in the Vorkosigan saga, although it has to be said this isn’t my favourite ever book of the series. There are two main reasons for this – one is that I love seeing Miles in his relationships with family and close friends, and there wasn’t a lot of that here. The second, and biggest, problem for me was the point of view – flipping as it did between Jin, Roic and Miles (although not nearly enough of Miles as I wanted) it got a bit fuzzy who was narrating at times. And as I think Tansy said, there just wasn’t enough purpose or difference in the voices to justify the multiple POV. Having said that, the plot was excellent and I have a love/hate relationship with the ending!

Masques, Patricia Briggs – Fascinating book, rewritten from the original although the author says still not the book she would write now. Liked it a lot though – great characters and I enjoyed the plot.

Wild Seed, Octavia E. Butler – Turns out this is a prequel, but it’s very engaging and powerful. Some amazing exploration of race, gender, fear and love, among other things. I’m definitely reading more.

Indulgence in Death, JD Robb – Once again, a new In Death interrupts all other reading. I liked this, as usual, although I prefer the ones where we don’t know the criminal/s so early on. Some nice quiet time in this one, as well as some action. I like seeing the secondary character development.

Wolfsbane, Patricia Briggs – More polished than Masques, and a totally fun fantasy romp.

Rosemary and Rue, Seanan McGuire – Really enjoyed this fascinating fairy-oriented urban fantasy. Was an interesting read as the plot wasn’t really the main part of the book – there was a lot of establishing backstory and exploring world building, but the plot itself was fairly borderline. However, I anticipate that now all this is established, the following books will be more action packed! Not that this lacked action, exactly, but it wasn’t the main focus, for my mind.

Hunger, Jackie Morse Kessler – Great quick YA urban fantasy read, very cleverly written with some solid and crunchy themes.

Blue Diablo and Hell Fire, Ann Aguirre Urban Fantasy 3.5 Really enjoyed these – got very sucked in and enjoyed premise, characters and storylines. Best UF I’ve read for ages, on a par with Patricia Briggs.

Feed, Mira Grant – A little slow to start but totally compelling after only a few chapters. Thought provoking and fascinating, loved the characters and story both!

Racing the Dark: Book 1 of the Spirit Binders, Alaya Dawn Johnson – Highly readable, although suffering from some quite random POV changes and an over-explained plot at times. Enjoyed this.

JUDGING BOOKS, presented with no comment:

Legends of Australian Fantasy, Jack Dann & Jonathan Strahan (eds)
The Library of Forgotten Books, Rjurik Davidson
Sprawl, Alisa Krasnostein (ed)

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Acronyms in action

We’ve had to come up with a name for a new committee. One of our English teachers really rose to the challenge and gave us a heap – these are some of my favourites (school name changed):

"Kirkus’s educational English performance improvement team supporting improvements, moderating performance, & lifting education standards through understanding pedagogical improvements& developments" – KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID

"Literacy intervention and redevelopment squad" – LIARS

"Developing educational advice & development of Writing, oration & reading at Kirkus" – DEAD WORK 


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And Christmas has begun

We had our first Christmas party of the season today – the Church of Christ playgroup we’ve been going to for a couple of months now. Baby had his first visit with Santa. And yes, he was far more interested in the paper wrapping than the present inside 🙂 

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Aurealis Awards Auction! Ends soon!

 Snurched in full from Chris Barnes!

Hey folks, just a reminder: there’s only a day left to bid on the fantastic collections of books and other items I’m offering on eBay. Get in quick!

See the items here.

Where else can you buy an original print from Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld or a bundle of autographed fantasy, science fiction or horror novels from a huge list of Aussie authors including; Sara Douglass, Ian Irvine, Sean Williams and Shane Dix, Traci Harding, Karen Miller, Stephen Irwin, Nathan Burrage, Richard Harland, Marianne De Pierres, Angela Slatter, Kate Forsyth, Isabel Merlin, Sophie Masson, Jack Dann, Kaaron Warren, Shane Jiraiya Cummings and Kirstyn McDermott?

The autographed books are being auctioned off in five book bundles. For a complete description of the contents of each bundle or to bid on one of these great items, click the link above.

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