Planning for the busy

It seems we might be enough over illness to get back to normal work/school routines, but things are hetting up. I *should* have learned a long time ago that this time of year is ALWAYS busy for me. When I was studying, it was always the hardest time. Working full-time, it was ridiculous. Now I’m part-time (but with no-one yet sharing my load, so having to manage a full-time role) during our busiest term of the year (we do bookhire, so once the kids start leaving, all our books start coming back and we have to start chasing down returns etc), am also doing sessional uni tutoring (which, of course, involves marking a major assignment NOW), had submissions for After the Rain close today, and a million other things happening, including birthdays and the lead up to Christmas and then a trip away. Ahem. There may perhaps have been some poor planning there.

I think my program over the next few weeks is going to have to involve marking a few assignments each night, reading a bunch of subs each night, and forgetting about reading for pleasure too much until it’s all done! 


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2 responses to “Planning for the busy

  1. Anonymous

    Now imagine how much more booked up you’d be if the Aurealis Awards were in January next year 😉

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