Oh, do I work here?

Thanks to a variety of illnesses, I have spent about a half day at work since Tuesday a week ago. I only do three days a week and last Friday was Miss Five home sick, Monday was Bub (took both to the doctor, both times told nothing really could be done), Tuesday I went to work but got called to pick up Master Seven at 1.30, and then on Friday I took Bub in to daycare but they wouldn’t take him. Spent an hour or so at work anyway, as one of my library assistants was (planned) absent and the other had to do a big morning tea for a whole bunch of visiting staff. I spent the time with the TAFE prac student who had been there for three days (she does two days a week for the term) who I hadn’t met yet. 

Baby seemed okay for a couple of hours, but then went downhill again and was pretty miserable for the day. Interestingly, he is having trouble sleeping during the day – I think it’s the cough/sore throat that wakes him up, because he’s usually an excellent napper. He’s still sleeping pretty well at night, although I have to resettle him more than usual. Hope he gets better soon though. Two big front teeth might be the culprit for some of his problems! 

So other than caring for kids, I’ve been marking uni assignments, working on some FableCroft stuff (we got a flurry of great reviews this week, which was lovely – check them out here), reading a bit, and working on school stuff at home. Hoping to have normal week next week!

Oh, did I mention we had birthday parties to attend? Last Saturday we managed to get to one of M5’s mate’s party, although she was too sick the next day to go to another she was invited to. The Saturday one was a pirate party, so we all dressed up. Was fun! 

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