Everybody coughing, coughing, coughing…

While husband is the only one who seems to be relatively unwell, and I’m pretty much over it, we’ve all got this hideous cough that just won’t quit. Alongside that, Bub has the most enormous tooth sprouting on the top, which is causing him all sorts of grief. So we’re a bit sorry for ourselves and weary – not sleeping all that well, and with the 5am starts (thanks to bub), I’m starting to feel a bit brain dead. I need to be going to bed earlier, but that’s hard too, especially with a bucketload of assignments to mark. Ah well, will get there in the end!

Work is good. Kids are good. Things are happening on the home reno front: got all our new window coverings yesterday, which look great. Paid the second deposit for the back patio and finalised the colours today and booked the install date. Then booked the date with the fence guy, because once the patio goes in, our old pool fence will be gone, and that’s not good. And supposedly (he’s not all that reliable), the pool liner will go in on Friday, which will be great. So things are all happening!

I also booked our tickets to visit the grandparents after Christmas – braindeadness cost me about $400 cos I’m an idiot, but we’re booked, which is nice. Helps with planning, and it’s one more thing done.

So now I’m focussing on marking assignments, working on the school yearbook (which should have been at signoff point, but unfortunately, due to staff changes, didn’t get done throughout the year), and getting caught up on three terms of work 🙂

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