Back at work

And it’s kind of nice. I mean, I’ve loved these last nine months being home with the kids, and having as much time as I like to work on publishing, and to go visiting, and whatever else strikes my fancy, but I absolutely love my job, and my school, and the staff (generally) and the kids (mostly), so it’s really really nice to be back. 

The last few days of the holidays were about me figuring out what I absolutely had to get done before work started again, regretting that I hadn’t done more on my leave, and then getting some things done. Miss Five passed her swimming level and will be on Level 3 when she does her next lot of lessons. Given that won’t be til next Easter most likely (as it looks like we’re going to do Queensland for a few weeks after Christmas this year, which is when the next Vac Swim sessions are), I imagine she’ll probably be ready for Level 4 by then, as we’ll have been swimming all summer! She really enjoyed the lessons though, which is nice – her enthusiasm for ballet and other activities was never as high as she sustained throughout the swimming, so I guess that shows where her real passion is.

Confession time – we didn’t cancel the birthday party. I just couldn’t do it to her, and you know what? We keep getting advice saying not to punish the behaviour, rather to reward correct behaviour. Which is what we’re trying now (again). So yeah, good mummy felt too bad about it and let the party happen (and justified it with psychological reasons). And she really enjoyed it. And the little fairies all looked very cute.

Saturday afternoon we went up to the airport to collect Master Seven from his Queensland plane. Lucky we left early. We walked off the elevator to the gates as the first of the passengers disembarked from his plane. A full 40 minutes early! He was very pleased to see us (especially the baby, who was equally excited to see his big brother), although he’d been very upset to leave Granna and Grandpop and apparently was quite distraught for the first half hour or so on the plane 😦 He thinks we should move back to Queensland so he can be closer to them – it’s very sweet.

Sunday was a getting organised day where I continued to search for the tickets to the Ben 10 Live show I bought absolutely MONTHS ago (and had already wrangled with Ticketek over to change from a Saturday show to a Sunday one when we decided to send the boy over East). I looked EVERYWHERE (and still haven’t come across them) and was resigned to not going (which I wasn’t all that worried about, and interestingly, neither was M7), but when the very lovely Dan Simpson, who was at an earlier show, tweeted to say he’d checked and found out we could pay $10 extra and get tickets reissued, with the credit card I bought the tickets with originally and photo ID. By this time it was 3pm, so I hustled the kids dressed (ahem, no, they weren’t!) and into the car to drop M5 and the baby at a friend’s place and race to the train station. We literally ran over the footbridge to make the train (and M5 enjoyed his first ever TransPerth train ride) and made it up to the Convention Centre with plenty of time to spare. And he absolutely LOVED the show. I really like Ben 10 and its spin offs, and it wasn’t a bad show (although our seats weren’t great and we could hardly see the backdrop, which had projections on it, at all), although I snorted a few times and giggled once or twice at the overacting or silly "fights". It was quite clever overall I guess, but my biggest issue was with the portrayal of teenage Gwen. In the tv show, she’s very capable and very powerful. In the Live show, she seemed to need rescuing by the rest of the cast (Ben, Kevin or Grandpa) a lot, and boy, did they skank up her outfit! Considering the majority of the audience was under 10 (well, except for the parents – I suppose the dads may have enjoyed the "look"), it was a bit much. But the kids didn’t care about the flaws – M7 was so excited and really enjoyed it, so I guess it achieved its purpose.

And then came Monday. Back to work (to a pupil free day) – was nice to ease back in, although to be honest, until the kids come back and the teachers start to need stuff, it’s really not work for me! But it was good to be back. Bub handled his first day of daycare very well, and the carers seemed to love him, which is good. He was buggered though! We went grocery shopping after I picked the kids up, which they all coped with, but by the time we got home, bub was visibly drooping. He managed a bath and a bottle, and then crashed by 6.30, even falling asleep on me, which he rarely does!

Tuesday brought the kids back! Was a full on day, as we were also using our new web-based library system for the first time and it was very buggy. Day flew by and I didn’t leave until after 5. Felt like I was right back into it though 🙂 By the time I got the kids and we got home, bub was almost asleep! Put him to bed at 6pm and he slept through til 5.30 – brought him in with me and he slept again til 7! And then went down again around 9 and didn’t wake up til 1pm! And had ANOTHER nap later in the afternoon, and STILL went to bed at 6.30! Yep, he’s exhausted – all that playing! So today was pretty quiet – we were going to go to storytime at the library but I wanted to let the baby sleep himself out, so missed all that. Ah well, there’s always tomorrow. 

And isn’t this the most GORGEOUS photo? 🙂

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