Well, Miss Four is now Miss Five. She got a nice little haul of pressies, and was apparently delighted with them all, which is nice. Bub was also very impressed with them, and enjoyed unwrapping them with his big sis! We had a special treat Maccas for brekkie, then swimming lessons first up, then Helen Merrick’s daughter much of the day. I finished off the birthday cake this morning, and after they consumed a bunch of fruit for lunch, the girls were very pleased to devour (with hubby’s help!) at least half the cake! 

This afternoon I popped to the shops to pick up the professional photos I got done of Bub a couple of weeks ago (on the same day the big kids had school photos), and on the way I accidentally wandered into JB HiFi and upgraded my (starting to have little problems) iPhone to a #4. I had only planned to find out the cost, but they aren’t selling handsets on their own. I was very surprised to find I could get the new phone for FREE just for re-signing my Telstra contract (which I hadn’t actually realised had expired) – now costing me LESS per month, with MORE included calls and MORE data! Very strange, but not complaining. I paid $199 extra for the 32GB rather than the free 16GB, but think it’s worth it. And I actually quite like the new shape – seems to fit in the hand better. Oh, and I FINALLY got a new phone cover that has a CLIP! I rarely have pockets, and I like to be able to carry my phone on me when I’m out and about, so was pleased to get this. 

Last day of swimming lessons tomorrow, and I think there’ll be an extended swim with friends after, then a trip to the park or the beach with Miss Five’s school friends. And then it’s only two days til I go back to work!

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