My daughter turns five tomorrow, starting the roll of family birthdays off. In the next couple of months we have a 5th, 8th, 35th, 39th & 1st birthday, as well as our 6th wedding anniversary, my parents’ 37th anniversary, Christmas & New Year. And my nephew’s 6th birthday too – it’s a busy period, matched only by the Easter period where all the REST of the family birthdays are clustered!

But FIVE! How did that happen? Where have those years gone? Where has THIS year gone?? Tine really does start to speed up as you get older, yeah?

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  1. Anonymous

    Happy Birthday, Miniature Dragonkat 😀
    Time does speed up.
    I’ve always reckoned this was a function of percentages: when you are five, a year is 20% of your whole life, so it seems longer than when you’re thirty and a year is 3% of your life. A month in the life of a pre-schooler then equates to a year in the life of a 48 year old.
    But I just finished “Juliet, Naked” by Nick Hornby, and the theory he throws in there is that when you’re five, everything is new and you are constantly laying down fresh, exciting memories. But when you’re thirty, your average day consists of monotony and the only new stuff you have to cement into your brain is a handful of holidays each year!
    Not sure if I like that second theory :p
    But I liked the book!

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