So, one week to go…

Only seven days before I go back to work, and the mad rush of trying to get all those jobs out of the way that simply won’t get done when work starts. 

The first week of the holidays has been mad – seems like there’s been things on every day. Monday was a bit of a disaster – Miss Four was supposed to go to her best friend’s birthday party, but a toileting incident right before we were supposed to leave meant I cancelled that. We spent a couple of hours with girliejones and talked about this problem quite a bit, and that gave me the impetus to finally book into the chiropractor to see if we can make some difference to this problem. It’s getting so frustrating – from Tuesday to Friday, no problems, then yesterday and today, issues both days 😦 Anyway, will persevere with chiro for a few weeks to see if it helps at all. 

Tuesday was the first of M4’s swimming lessons, which she absolutely loved – a real water baby. One of the mums from school has the same time as us, so we have lovely chats in the mornings – another mum has lesson after, so it’s a nice catch up. Bub hasn’t been very well so I didn’t take him swimming the first couple of days, but he’s been in for a big swim both Thursday and Friday, and also loves it. Ducked in to work to pick up a letter for the bank, then I took the kids to the shops after that to capitalise on the toy sales (so many birthdays coming up!) – had to get a different present for the Monday birthday girl (took the gift in while M4 stayed in the car, only to see the same pressie on the table!), plus three other gifts. *sigh* Expensive time of year.

Wednesday saw a few of M4’s Kindy friends there for a swim as well, but we had to leave a bit earlier than we would have liked to meet with the bank to finalise detail of reno monies, and I took M4 to her first chiro appointment after that. She handled it really well, and was quite comfortable. And we finally sold hubby’s old car! Very pleasant couple who are going to do it right up, which is nice. Due to an unusual combination of events, all of hubby’s three mates from work were home, so we had them round for dinner and a few drinks – doesn’t happen very often, so was a nice change. I finally got my marking done and uploaded grades.

More swimming Thursday, for all of us this time, then in the afternoon M4 had a free Fairies ballet lesson (with her friend from Kindy) which she really enjoyed. Hubby had two of the boys around again, and I actually managed to cook dinner this time. 

Friday was flat out. Swimming, then dropped hubby and Bub home (cos baby was almost asleep), dropped M4 at her friend’s house, dashed back home to shower and wash the chlorine out of my hair before going to the hair salon. Finished there and went to the park where a bunch of Kindy mums were (and M4 with her friend). Hung out for a bit, then took M4 to her second chiro, after which I dropped her BACK to the park and her friend (who was just leaving) to go home with them for another couple of hours! Then I came home and spent an hour or so paying deposits on reno stuff, and some bills. Picked M4 up again (social butterfly) and some Chinese food for dinner, then came home for an early night!

I managed to get to the grocery store nice and early on Saturday, which had the added benefit of me being up, showered and dressed for the day by 9am! This outing was the only one for the weekend, despite good intentions of a visit to the park or beach. Got caught up yesterday in sorting clothes, linen and things from the shed (was actually looking for next size up baby clothes, which didn’t turn up, but turned into a big chuck out, which was good). Today, partly thanks to an overdose of Selling Houses Australia (marathon on the Lifestyle Channel this weekend that’s we’ve become quite addicted to, even if they keep bagging vertical blinds which I’m ABOUT TO GET INSTALLED DAMMIT!!), partly due to the knowledge we’re getting all these nice new renos soon and I wanted to spruce up/springclean a bit, I cleaned the kitchen windows and then broke out the sugar soap and did spot cleaned walls and ceilings! And scrubbed the stove top. And cleaned the back patio a bit. People have suggested I’m procrastinating on something, and the only thing that it could be is the tax – but I’ll start that tomorrow, promise! Spoke to Master Seven a couple of times this weekend – he’s back from his week at the coast fishing (not great weather for him unfortunately, but they caught a few fish) and misses his little brother he says 🙂 Think he was a bit bored this weekend too – hopefully he has fun next week still!

This week is hopefully not quite so busy. Hubby’s changing roster slightly so has a few extra days at home which is nice. Have booked M4 in for a haircut on Tuesday, and of course there’s swimming all week. And two chiro appointments. And another uni assignment to be marked due tomorrow night. And M4’s birthday on Thursday. And Master Seven home on Saturday. And Ben 10 on Sunday. Hmm. Maybe it is busy. Ah well, what’s new! 

What DIDN’T I get done this week? I was supposed to take Bub into daycare to have a bit of time with the carers and get used to the environment, but simply didn’t happen, in between him not being so well and all the busy. Not a lot of point in doing it next week, as both the main carers are away. Ah well, Monday is a pupil free days, so if there’s any problems I can get away fairly easily. Ah, and the tax. Have to do that. And next week I’m determined to get more crap out of the shed. I think we’re going to get another skip and do another big clean up. Should be fun!


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14 responses to “So, one week to go…

  1. Anonymous

    and that gave me the impetus to finally book into the chiropractor to see if we can make some difference to this problem
    I don’t want to interfere in things that aren’t my business, but letting people mess about with young spines isn’t generally seen as a good thing.
    There’s plenty out there that says why, so do your own research, but it’s worth perhaps starting here, and the studies and articles they link to.

    • Anonymous

      There’s also a pretty good review of the literature and evidence here.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks for the links Nick. Your point of view is actually my own default too. I’ve never had chiropractic treatment, although some very sensible close friends have always raved about it. Basically, I’m desperate, and I’m willing to give anything a go – it’s not night-time that’s the problem (although it is too, and always has been), it’s the daytime stuff – she’s nearly five, and shouldn’t be having the amount of issues she is, at this age. I’m trialling this option, but it’s only after lots of other efforts (and I’m already trying to figure out what to try next, if/when this doesn’t work…).

      • Anonymous

        I guess I just wanted to make sure you were aware there are significant risks associated with the treatment, as well as little chance it will actually help.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah. I know. And it’s expensive too. I really am desperate, so going to give it another week, but am sceptical, based on evidence to date…

      • Anonymous

        as your GP/paediatrician not been of any help?

      • Anonymous

        Child health nurse says they can’t refer to night-time alarm program for at least another year, and only offered advice we’d already tried for daytime. GP tested for infection (clear) and said come back in six months. She’ll be at school full-time then, and kids are mean.

      • Anonymous

        You can’t get into a paediatrician on a private basis? Surely it wouldn’t cost much more, and you’d not be running any risk of a busted spine.
        FWIW I had much the same issue at 5, around the time we were emmigrating. Could it be related to the stress of the recent house move?

      • Anonymous

        Sorry, that was me.

      • Anonymous

        Yup this was exactly the same conversation she and I had. And I think T was going to be in the room and intervene if anything looked a little too “out there” for a young spine. FWIW I’m against chiros.

      • Anonymous

        And to be honest, at the moment I’m wondering what the heck I’m paying for, because the “manipulation”, if that’s even the right word, is so minimal. Snake doctors and quacks? 🙂

      • Anonymous

        Well it’s always minimal except where they do the big dramatics.
        I reckon if its not “fixed” this week then its not some miraculous thing. Maybe the other kid just finally figured out the going to the toilet.

  2. Anonymous

    Sorry to be graphic, but is it No. 1s or No. 2s? I ask only because my recently 7 year old is having major problems with the second and yes, children can be very cruel and 7 year old daughters can be VERY stubborn and especially good at eye rolling! And I now know WAY much more about the workings of the human bowel than I ever really wanted to!

    • Anonymous

      Wetting only, thank goodness – have heard some terrible stories about the others, and really feel for anyone with kids with THOSE issues 😦

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