Somehow, I only have two weeks left of maternity leave. Where the heck has the year gone?! Bub is now eight months old, and has had a real development spurt in the past couple of weeks. He’s now sitting up very happily on his own for ages, playing very cutely by himself. He’s also starting rolling, and just today managed to get himself back from his front for the first time. He’s suddenly got very long as well – seems to have grown about five centimetres in a week! And he’s most cute 🙂 

Big brother has buggered off to Queensland on his own again, for two weeks this time, to go fishing with Grandpop. Have managed one mono-syllabic conversation with him on the phone since he left on Thursday, so clearly not missing us at all.

That leaves Miss Four (nearly five!), who has been super-good since Master Seven left. No competition? Looks like we have another very social round of holidays ahead of us, including swimming lessons, birthday parties, ballet classes and hanging out with friends. We started that off on Friday night with an Intimo party hosted by a school mum, followed it up with a big tidy up Saturday morning, then headed to Mandurah. First stop (after a quick drop off sale of Worlds Next Door!) was the Batt-house for a baby shower. Naturally we stayed all afternoon (seems to be very hard to LEAVE these things – too much to talk about!). Then we headed to  ‘s for dinner and Worldcon debrief (with   and   too) which was absolutely lovely (although the maths nearly broke our brains!). Didn’t leave til after midnight! Baby and Miss Four were both awesome, despite a very late night (and  ‘s Chickie was once again fantastic with them!). But it made getting up at 6 this morning really hurt! Bub is an excellent alarm clock, but had to get up anyway as I was going to a farewell breakfast for the wonderful lady who took on my role at school for my leave this year. She’s sadly not able to come back after her long service leave next term due to family commitments, but looks like we’ve found someone else to share with me, which is great! Breakfast/brunch was long and lovely, and I didn’t get back until nearly midday. Picked up a quiche and a pavlova and took it to the friends who were looking after Miss Four, and ended up hanging out with them for a couple of hours. Eventually got home around 2, and all three of us went to bed for a couple of hours! 

Also in the last week, we’ve decided to get some renovations done on the house, so have quotes for new patio and pool fencing, building in the carport, carpets, vertical blinds and a couple of other little things. Means a busy couple of months ahead as things get done, but really looking forward to it! Hubby and I spent the weekend in the yard last week so we no longer have a jungle out the back, which is nice 🙂 Pool liner is buggered though, so we need to replace that as well and that hopefully happens very soon as the weather has turned GORGEOUS!

Tonight I’ve finally caught up on some jobs and am determined to finish my marking by the end of the weekend. Tomorrow we’re off to try to change swimming lesson times to a little earlier in the day, then to a cuppa with   and the first of the birthday parties. Onwards!

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  1. Anonymous

    The problem is bureaucracy and red tape.
    While in one sense we are “one” as part of the global world, each country and region is still separate (language, currency, and laws are just one example).
    What you want is a simultaneous release–which has been done for some movies (and it’s telling that not all movies are released this way)–and herein lies the problem.
    Producers (and that’s assuming they own all the rights) need to negotiate with distributors in each country and distributors in turn have to check whether it’s feasible (not breaking any laws, any taxes/expenses enables them to profit, etc.). Unfortunately, negotiations–especially for larger companies and empires–take extremely long (smaller companies are more mobile; hence the difference between Smashwords and Apple for example).
    For example, just look at the iTunes Store. There are 90 freaking countries listed there. It’s relatively easy getting your book or media in your home country. Convincing Apple to let you sell to the other 89 countries, on the other hand, is nigh impossible.
    The opposite end of the spectrum is difficult also. If you’re a 1st-world country for example and you’re selling goods at 1st-world prices, then 3rd-world countries won’t be able to afford it, even if it’s made available globally. The solution to this is tiered-pricing (i.e. buyers from the Philippines will be paying for the product at 25% of what it costs in the US), but again, that road leads to lots of negotiations w/ licenses, etc. You can price it at the lowest common denominator (i.e. cheapest) but that might not be profitable in the long run.
    There is also the problem of copyright and ownership, and rights are usually cheaper if they’re restricted to one region (i.e. I’ll loan you my world book rights for $1,000,000.00 but if it’s just Australia, you can buy it from $1,000.00). As a content producer, it’s usually in my best interest to put such limitations, in the same way that I don’t give unlimited rights to my publisher indefinitely (i.e. when I sell a story to an anthology, I keep copyright, and they have ownership of it for a certain period & only for a certain publication, instead of unlimited publishing rights for themselves and the parent company).
    Would the paying market significantly increase? Yes. Unfortunately, there are some practical problems, as well as inadequacy of current laws (for example, if you own the copyright to your own work, making your work available in all countries should be viable since you do own the copyright; but look at eBooks even for self-published authors, as their titles are usually limited to the US and not the Australian iBookstore for example even if they wanted to make it available in the latter).

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