I keep forgetting to blog…

Not entirely true, as I’ve blogged at FableCroft, Worlds Next Door, and have Facebooked and Twittered pretty much every day, but I do forget to be here in more than meme form! 

Things have been pretty busy though. Once the WND launch was over, my focus switched to Worldcon (well, the focus has kind of been there all along, but now it’s getting REAL close!), and getting stuff organised for that. That’s included a couple of trips up to  ‘ place to brainstorm and work on things that have to be organised prior to Melbourne. And FableCroft stuff doesn’t stop either – have received around 30 submissions to After the Rain, which is exciting as there’s still two months before the call closes. And I’ve been marketing and selling and distributing Worlds Next Door and Australis Imaginarium, or preparing ground for later marketing, as well.

And of course, home front is never dull. My kids are total socialites these days, which makes it lucky I get along well with their friends’ parents! We’re out and about with them a lot, or having people here (although not so much in the last week or so, cos the house has been a bombshell! Am working on that…). I’ve also been starting some clearing out, which desperately needs doing (AGAIN! Where does all the clutter come from?!) and really need to get into the shed (AGAIN!), so that’s on the cards for after Worldcon too. Although time is starting to run out – I go back to work in early October, part-time. Where has the year gone?

I’ve been musing this week on the fact that we are really settled in here. It feels like we’re more settled than we’ve ever been as a family, perhaps even more settled than I’ve ever been, really. My family moved a lot when I was a kid, and while we had some multiple stops at some places, moving once every couple of years was an interesting experience. I think it made me pretty good at meeting people and getting to know them pretty quickly, but I think it also made me a little ADD about things – as in, once I get to know the routines and processes of a job, I tend to get bored and want to move on (which is not an issue in my job now, because every day is different!). And since I met my husband, we’ve moved houses and/or towns nine times. The last time was mid 2009, so that meant nine moves in seven and a half years. This is the longest I’ve lived in one place (suburb, not house, cos we bought and moved from the rental we were in, but only a kilometre up the road!), since high school. And it’s an interesting experience. I have friends. Husband has friends. Kids have friends. We have babysitters, doctors, hairdressers, dentists, schools, jobs, professional networks, contacts, people who can pick the kids up from school, people we pop round and visit for a cuppa… And it’s the first time in a long time that’s been true for ALL of us. It’s kinda nice. Why am I musing? Because my husband wants me to apply for a job in Tasmania. It’s a great job, an awesome career opportunity, for sure. But I’m really happy HERE. 

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