Busy day…

Today was unexpectedly social. Turned out   was down in our neck of the woods and I had stuff to deliver to her (plus, always up for a catchup!). And   was (supposed to be) home alone. And I wanted to grab my Tupperware from   so I could use it for baking on Monday. And the kids wanted to know if they could play at their friends’ house. So between 10 and 11, after originally having no plans for the day, I organised the play date, tweeted with A & T to arrange visits, and on the way between the two dropped in on L&L, who very kindly invited me in for a cuppa as well! Was very pleasant indeed! I also need to say, I have the best baby – even though the poor little bugger kept getting woken up when we arrived at destinations, he didn’t get grumpy and was very good. He’s awesome.

While I was out, had a phone call from Helen to line up another play date for tomorrow as well, so the busy social rounds continue! Monday will be baking day (cake stall for school, prep for Tupperware party on Tuesday morn), Tuesday Tupperware, then meeting in Perth, then book launch in Freo! I’m pretty sure things are busy now right up to Aussiecon, no time for deep breaths…

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