Wow, that was a week!

I’ve made the appointment for bub to have his six month needles, and so I’m not worried about keeping track of weeks anymore 🙂 It’s been good for me to (try to) post weekly at the very least, and I hope to keep my LJ ticking over with more of a personal tack, with the professional stuff being primarily hosted at FableCroft. We’ll see how that goes anyway! 

Hubby is on holidays this week, and he and Master Seven took off to Kalgoorlie to check it out this week (after the boy lost another tooth – looks like a thug now). Miss Four, bub and I kept well occupied with visiting, and went to the zoo with friends yesterday, followed by quick driveby pickups from   and  , in preparation for tomorrow. It was the perfect day for it, best of the holidays I think, so Helen did well to pick it 🙂 

Have no idea why, but Miss Four then vomited for the night – no one else is ill, no one else we’ve been spending time with is ill, so I wonder if it might have been something she ate – got my fingers crossed for that anyway! Spent a quiet day at home washing a million loads of sheets/towels/clothes – doesn’t matter how much I do, it keeps on coming darn it!

This week saw me send Australis Imaginarium off to the printer, and I received a firm date for landfall of Worlds Next Door – very exciting! The book launch for WND is August 19, but we’ll definitely have both books there! Pretty cool. You can pre-order Australis Imaginarium with a special discount over at the website here. I also finished off my main part of the judging for the 2009 WA Premier’s Book Awards, sending off the Children’s shortlist (I sent the YA shortlist last week). Now waiting to get the shortlists of the other categories to work out final winners! Very exciting. The Aurealis Awards nominations are starting to come in as well, which is nice, and I made my Ditmar nominations too – fun!

Tomorrow I’m off to "A Toe in the Ocean", a mini-writer con here in town – the Batts are facilitating one of the workshops, and I’ve been invited to join in and be there to sell and promo, which is very nice! Have a stack of TPP books, Swancon fliers and WND launch invites to take along. Will take my one copy of WND to show off – shame I don’t have FableCroft books, but it’s still fun to go somewhere new with different people to talk about what I love.

Oh, and on Monday I got a lovely serendipitous out-of-the-blue phone call asking if I’d like to do some sessional work for one of the unis here! Another notch on the resume, and a subject I really enjoy, all online, so perfect! Things are moving along nicely, very pleased!

Wonder what next week will bring!

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